Buildertrend: The App Changing How We Do Business

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Buildertrend: The App Changing How We Do Business

At R. Fleming Construction, we’re all about efficiency and making the home-building process easier for our clients. You might not believe us, but we do think it’s possible to make building your dream home a low-stress experience. How? Communication.

For the past five years, we’ve used the Buildertrend app to keep our clients involved every step of the way. Before Buildertrend, the only way to do that was through constant phone calls and visits to the job site… but now, everything you need to know is in the palm of your hand.

Buildertrend is the leading construction collaboration app – and it has taken our client communication from good to great.

Buildertrend’s calendar page allows you to see what’s happening at your property every day of the week.

“Communication is the most important thing, and it’s the biggest complaint we used to hear,” Bob says. “Before we started using Buildertrend, we were so bombarded with phone calls asking for updates – but this app gives the client all the information.”

On the client end of the app, you’ll see your project plotted out and scheduled in advance.  Whatever it entails, we have projects plotted down to the day, all the way from the first dig day to the final walk-through. All your purchase agreements, cost allowances, and contractor contacts are included as well, so every bit of your home’s information goes wherever you go. 

Our lead architectural draftsman Jason Halverson says it’s completely overhauled the communication process between client, builder, and contractor.

“It just gets rid of so many headaches,” Jason says. “If the client takes ten minutes and plays around with the tools, they can find everything they need. This system can answer 99 percent of their questions.”

Buildertrend also details tasks you need to complete to keep your house on schedule, such as picking out your kitchen backsplash or bathroom flooring.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Because we have every project planned out months in advance, we’re first on the calendar for our subcontractors. Your project, then, is a priority for everyone we work with.

“Contractors schedule us way before they schedule other builders,” Bob says. “They make other builders work around our schedule, because they know when [Buildertrend] says to be there…they gotta be there.

To make a long story short, Buildertrend has revolutionized the way we plan to build a home. Everyone moves more efficiently when the plan is in one, easily accessible location. It helps our contractors plan for the future, it helps the homebuyer know exactly what’s happening without visiting the site themselves, and honestly? It makes us better at our jobs.

Five years ago, we were just learning a new piece of software. Now, it’s something we can’t live without.

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