How Our Buyer Renovation Program Turns a For-Sale Fixer Upper into the House of Your Dreams

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How Our Buyer Renovation Program Turns a For-Sale Fixer Upper into the House of Your Dreams

If you’re in the market for a house right now, you’ll know that it’s the most lopsided seller’s market in years. Houses are being snapped up in a matter of days – sometimes hours – and increasingly, the ones left on the market need work. A lot of work… 

Inside North House by R.Fleming HQ, that got us thinking… what if we combined our talents in real estate and construction to help people turn a fixer upper into the perfect home for them?

Our founder Bob Fleming did some research into some programs being piloted on the coasts, and is now ready to announce a brand new remodeling program.

“No one in this area does anything like this,” Bob says.

Interior Design Rochester Minnesota
We can help you turn a fixer-upper kitchen into the space of our dreams!

It’s called the Buyer Renovation Program, and here’s how it works:

  1. While searching the housing market, you find a home with good bones, but it needs a remodel in some rooms – or throughout the entire house.
  2. When you tour the home, we’ll be alongside you, estimating how much a remodel would cost for each room.
  3. Once we have the final number (list price plus remodel cost) agreed upon, R. Fleming Construction will put in the offer on the home. We handle all the banking up-front, which ends up saving you time and money – more on that later.
  4. Once we get the keys to the house, we immediately get to work on the remodeling projects we approved together. Clients can stay up to date on the progress through the Buildertrend app.
  5. When the projects are finished, that’s it! We’ll sell the home to you, and hand over the keys to your fully remodeled home!

It really is that simple: you find the house, we buy it and renovate it, and then sell it back to you!

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An updated bathroom in a remodel we did in Historic SW Rochester.

“It helps the homeowner because they only need one mortgage, not a separate home mortgage and remodeling loan,” says Bob. “There’s no need to combine anything – it’s all done on our end.”

We’re uniquely positioned to be able to offer this program, which is why we think it’s going to work so well – what other local construction company has its own in-house real estate team on standby? The Buyer Renovation Program combines our best strengths, and puts them to work for you. That’s what we’ve always strived to do, and we hope this program helps us realize that goal.

“Our world is just about solving people’s problems,” Bob adds. “That’s just what we do for a living. Right now the listings are gone in minutes, or they last forever because it’s a bad house. This program is going to be a great way to help us solve that problem.”

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