Meet the Wygants – Client Testimonial

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Meet the Wygants – Client Testimonial

Let’s be real. We can write as many articles as we want, detailing how we can help you in every facet of the housing industry – but when it comes down to it, the most important voice to hear from is our customers. They’re the ones that end up living in the houses, after all!

We’re proud to say there’s lots of happy stories to tell. Let’s start with Zach Wygant, whose family built with us back in 2016.

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Zach and Jenna Wygant with their daughter.

Zach and his wife Jenna were looking to become first-time homeowners in Rochester, and were interested in building new instead of playing the market. They searched around the city for weeks to find a builder they were comfortable with, without much luck – until they sat down with Bob, Jason, and the rest of the R. Fleming Construction team.

“We met with three other builders for in-person meetings to try to find the right fit for us,” said Zach. “Our meeting with North House was different in such a positive way. We left the meeting feeling confident that they were right for us.”

Zach and Jenna decided to be one of the first families to build in the second phase of the Highlands at Hundred Acre Woods neighborhood, near Eastwood Golf Course.

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The Wygant’s custom home – built in 2016.

Bob decided to set lot prices below market value, which created a niche for homes in the $300-750,000 range – just inside the Wygant’s price range. They originally wanted to spend right around $300,000, but decided during the build process that they wanted to upgrade a few accessories. 

It pushed the price up a little bit, but Zach says it ended up working out. He and Jenna still had to make some difficult decisions on what they had to have – and looking back, he thinks they walked the line perfectly.

“This was our first house, and we wanted to keep it very reasonable,” said Zach. “We ended up spending about $330,000, and we were very happy with what we got for that amount. I felt like we ended up with the exact price and type of house that we needed.”

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Every home we build – and by extension, every family we work with – is a little different, with wants and needs that can change as the build process evolves. In this case, Zach wanted to be able to work on the house himself, and we bought into that idea wholeheartedly – why not give the homeowner the freedom to add their own personal touches?

“They absolutely paid greater attention to detail and our needs and wants, much more than other builders we met with,” said Zach. 

The Wygants moved in during the summer of 2016, and as the neighborhood has sprung up around them, Zach says it’s been smooth sailing in their new home.

“We’ve been in our house for almost four and a half years, and it’s been amazing,” said Zach. “There’s been minimal issues with the house after moving in, if any. We love the neighborhood and everything we chose for the house.”

Now, with the first few years of home ownership under their belt, Zach says the family’s next project isn’t far off. Their family has grown since moving in, welcoming a daughter two years ago, and they’re looking for more space.

After having a great experience with North House the first time, deciding on the builder for their next house was a no-brainer – and that makes us feel good.

“We’re planning on building more of our dream house with North House in the next year,” said Zach. “We can’t wait!”

We can’t wait either… we’ve had such a great time working with Zach and Jenna. Thanks for trusting us with your vision!

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