New Life: How North House by R. Fleming Can Help You Remodel Your Home

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New Life: How North House by R. Fleming Can Help You Remodel Your Home

During this year-long pandemic, people have been confined to their homes more than ever before. Lots of people are realizing that their “new normal” requires more space for their house to act as a home and an office at the same time — needs that weren’t there originally.

The housing market, though, has not responded to meet high demand, meaning there’s an incredibly small number of homes ready to sell. This new environment has led more and more families to the same thought: if the right home isn’t already out there, why not improve the space they’re already in?

Working from home? We can help you create the office of your dreams.

“Right now is the perfect time to renovate,” says Bob Fleming, our owner and founder. “People aren’t finding much on the open market, so they’re largely deciding to stay in their current place and add the things they need instead.” 

If you’re looking for an easy way to add value to your home and update the space you live in, a remodel may be the perfect option for you — and we can help! You might know us for new construction, but remodeling is in our arsenal too. That in itself, says our chief of operations Jason Halverson, sets us apart from the competition. 

“Most builders, they’re geared towards new construction,” says Jason. “It’s rare to have a company that deals in both [new & remodeling]… normally it’s one or the other. Now, we can help you either way.”

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One of our recent kitchen remodels in SW Rochester.

Jason says some of the most common projects he’s working on right now include bathroom and kitchen remodels — historically the likeliest rooms in a house to undergo remodeling. Recently, though, more clients have been coming to us looking to add open space to their home — whether it’s outdoor space like a deck or screened-in porch, or renovating/adding indoor space to create an office.

In this new environment where working from home has become more common than ever, Jason says the North House by R. Fleming remodeling business has been booming — because after a year spent largely cooped up in the same house, families are finding ways to add on extra space any way they can.

“We’ve done decks, we’ve done kitchen overhauls, we’ve added on thousand-square-foot additions to houses,” says Halverson. “Whatever the clients need, we’re ready to help.”

A screened-in deck we designed and built in SE Rochester.

Our remodeling process is very similar to our new build process — we go through the same “discovery session” to find out exactly what you want, keep you close at hand throughout the entire design process, and agree on a budget that will take care of all your needs, all with 100 percent transparency and honesty.  

Above all, we just want you to know that we’re here to help you in any avenue of the construction/building industry. If your home is feeling a little small right now and your family could use a change, feel free to give us a call. 

We can give you advice on whether your needs would be best fit by renovating what you already have, or searching the market for something new entirely. We’re not going to push you one way or another — we’ll just give you the information you need to make a sound decision.

“It’s really on a case by case basis,” says Jason. “You have the pros and cons of both, and then the customer decides. I don’t really think there’s a wrong answer.”

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