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We have a good thing going. We team up with the kind of people you want to be friends with: happy, passionate, always curious, compassionate, imaginative, collaborative, and ambitious. We seek to make an impact in people’s lives – a positive difference that helps people enjoy life more. Because the difference we can make in the world starts within our own walls.

Owner and President of R. Fleming

Bob Fleming

I am the founder of R. Fleming construction and I’ve been in the real estate industry for nearly 40 years. I’m old! The one thing I can say I’ve learned over the years is that people always need to come first.

We are in the service industry and having a commitment to excellence in our interactions with customers and with the product we produce is how we have found success. If you listen to the needs, wants and wishes of the people – then you’ll always be successful.
I like taking chances and doing something different – based on the customer. I’m an introverted family man, by nature. So you won’t likely see me at any large gatherings, instead I’ll be spending time at the lake with my wife Sharon and our two dogs Otis and Sophie.

The times have changed a lot since I first started, but one trend that will never go away is quality. I believe in quality construction, quality people, quality service.


Joe Skime

As a Minnesota native and a seasoned real estate professional, I recognize and value the trust that my clients place in me. Before entering real estate I worked in the beverage industry and developed a knack for listening to the needs of my clients. Prior to that, I served my country in the United States Navy with tours in Japan and Guatemala. We engaged in humanitarian efforts, building schools, wells and serving the underserved. These experiences instilled in me discipline, respect and a passion for service. Service is at the core of who I am and I look for any opportunity to serve my community and my fellow veterans. I live in Northeast Rochester with my wife Kristin and our four kids. In my free time I like to, wait never mind – I have four kids, there is no free time!

Team Lead

Drew Fleming

I’m known for my insatiable curiosity, devotion to clients, movie knowledge and love of Chipotle. My years of experience in the beverage industry taught me about integrity in business negotiations and how to listen to my intuition. I have boundless enthusiasm for everything I do and love to get people excited with me. I take time to listen and always put clients first because this is not about me or my ego. I approach each day with a smile while working hard to do what is right and fair so each person can have a positive real estate experience. And I’m going to make sure we have fun in the process. In my free time I can be found watching YouTube, scouring the web for the best deals on flights, playing and coaching hockey, golfing and spending time with my girlfriend Tanya and our English bulldog, Avery.

Real Estate Agent

Niki Fleming

I love working on a team and am known as our jack of all trades. My parents taught me the value of commitment, collaboration and an entrepreneurial spirit. I’m a doer and am always challenging myself to learn more. As the youngest child I learned that having patience and a good attitude always leads to the best outcome. I approach every situation with an open mind and sense of humor. I built my first home at the age of 24 and loved everything about the building experience. I was born into the real estate and building industry, so new construction is in my blood – I love the art of it. I help make sure each and every transaction runs smoothly for our clients and team. In my free time I enjoy traveling, vacationing at our family cabin, and spending time with my Basset Hound, Finn.

Real Estate Agent

Jodi Frisk

I’ve done a little bit of everything when it comes to real estate. Properties big and small (tiny to be precise), building, renovating, designing, selling and everything in between. My husband and I even own three Airbnbs. I believe in expanding my mind around new concepts, innovations and styles – I never want to stop learning! Through renovating numerous homes and building one of my own it has helped me develop a keen sense of prioritization for my clients. Everyone’s situation is unique, so I believe in finding a home that fits your life. I enjoy living small which allows me time to travel, spend time with family and get to know my neighbors. My husband Ryan and I live in Rochester along with our cats Farley and Roxy.

Architectural Designer

Jason Halverson

I am known as the “design guy” around the office. I’ve worked with R. Fleming clients for nearly seven years. My job is like giving Christmas gifts every day. Seeing the look on our clients’ faces when they see the home of their dreams is a gift that keeps on giving. I knew from an early age that I wanted to design homes. After working in various parts of the industry I found my stride with R. Fleming. I get to think about each angle, joint, and window – everything that makes the house whole. I believe in creating highly-functional spaces that capture the way people really live. I live in Rochester with my wife Ashley, our four kids, our Great Pyrenees Ana and a cat who would prefer to remain anonymous.

Real Estate Agent

Krystal Jorgenson

My passion for houses runs deep. So much so that I found myself going back to school for a construction degree. My years of experience in the food and beverage industry taught me how to listen and act upon cues. Upon entering the real estate industry, I found myself buying and flipping homes that suited first-time home buyers because I saw a need in the market for affordable housing. Many of my clients are repeat because I take the time to understand what they need. Originally from Utah, I fell in love with Rochester and all that it has to offer. I am passionate about my community and love being part of its growth. My curiosity leads me in new directions including my service on the Planning and Zoning Commission. I live for residential renovation, puppy kisses and tacos. My husband Tom and I live in a property we are renovating with our dog, Jovie.

Real Estate Agent

Casey Gorman

Reared in the Rochester, MN area, I have an effective combination of Minnesota Nice and Midwest fortitude. I’m a team player with a competitive streak. I attribute my success to the relationships I’ve built and my transparent approach. As a Rochester native, I’ve witnessed its great transformation into a bustling region and my experiences of having lived here all of my life give me an enthusiasm and desire to make my home, your home. In my free time I enjoy coaching and playing hockey, golf, making a fantastic Old Fashion, and hanging with my wife Molly and our two French Bulldogs.

Real Estate Agent

Robin Wolfram

I love real estate so much I left a thriving TV career to work with homebuyers and sellers to share my obsession with houses and design. I was an anchor for news stations and have dabbled in interior design for a number of years. My professional career is diverse – I have lots of stories to share! Through life’s twists and turns, I’m lucky to have found my true calling – real estate. I am able to combine my three passions: design, relationships and housing together for the ultimate client experience. I’m a people person and my commitment to your happiness is of the utmost importance to me. I want to see the smile on your face! It’s why I’ve followed this calling. I care deeply about giving back to my community, empowering women and being an advocate for the elderly and animals. My boyfriend, Al, and I enjoy raising our mischievously independent cat, Mavis.

Real Estate Agent

Luke Johnson

As an adventure seeker by nature, I have always been drawn to a challenge. I approach everything with a smile because I genuinely enjoy what I do, which is so much more than real estate – it’s helping people realize their dreams. Making connections with people and finding out how I can best serve them goes hand-in-hand with my background in hospitality. I was inspired to do more and found real estate as the best way I could help people. Working with North House is the next step – an opportunity to really bring a new experience to my clients and work with some of the best in the business. When I’m not serving my clients, I can be found spending time with my son Noah competing in triathlons, traveling to far off places (Thailand is our favorite so far), and enjoying the outdoors any way we can.

Real Estate Agent

Jennifer Ringenberg

When you’re a kid and someone asks you to help in their floral shop, you don’t think about how it impacts your life-long perspective on composition, balance and display. But I am so grateful it did because it influenced me to begin a career in interior design. By combining artistry, curiosity and old-fashioned elbow grease, I have had the great privilege of working with hundreds of clients over the last fifteen years to create new visions for their homes. Like solving a puzzle, I continue to learn more with every new adventure and find joy in the “ah-ha” moments. Incorporating unique elements, crafting a personalized arrangement, and uncovering potential is always my aspiration. And as a licensed real estate agent, I will help you find that perfect spot to call your own. I share my home with my husband Jeff, our two children and sweet labradoodle, Basil.

Real Estate Agent

Sam Kirsch

Growing up with three brothers, two cats, several dogs, a dozen (or so) chickens, a goat, rooster and a pot belly pig may seem like the most influential part of my young life. Being surrounded by your best friends in a loving home certainly was. Like the examples set before me, I feel called to a service-driven life. I am certainly an animal lover, enjoy being active outdoors and spending time with friends and family, but my deep sense of purpose has come from experiences I’ve had while volunteering. My time at the Children’s Hospital, Salvation Army and in Costa Rica on a mission’s trip have given me a perspective, appreciation and desire to help those around me in a meaningful way. I am privileged to combine two of my passions – real estate and purposeful service – in order to help you find a place to call home. I will soon graduate from St. Thomas with a degree in biology, and I look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

The Fleming’s

Real Estate Rochester Minnesota

Welcoming, open and caring are the words that describe the Fleming family. Always with a smile, Bob and Sharon have built a legacy of putting others before themselves. Their open-mindedness, resolute work ethic and kindness have been instilled in their children to carry on long after their time. Believing in something greater than themselves, they built R. Fleming Construction with the desire to see it grow and adapt while always putting the customer first.

North House Culture

Real Estate Rochester Minnesota

We are not ego driven or stuck in our ways at North House. And we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are forward-thinking and trustworthy. We are responsible and have each other’s back. Our integrity is everything. This is a people-centric business, it’s not about the money. So when we connect with people, that’s how we know we’re doing something right.

Join Our North House Team

Real Estate Rochester Minnesota

We’re not a fit for everyone. We take our culture seriously. If this resonates with you, we want to talk. But beware: we practice what we preach. We have a process to help ensure we’re a good match for each other. If you’re up to it and this sounds like the way you want to work, we cannot wait to meet you.