Q+A with Local Quartz Expert

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Q+A with Local Quartz Expert

Teamwork makes your dream work. We’ve learned that getting the best players on your team is what contributes to the greatest success – not just for us, but for you.

So, we’re taking some time to sit down with some of our most trusted partners to learn more about them. Previously, we chatted with Greg Gill of Northern Lights and Furnishings. Today, meet Lindsey Sowers of Cambria, one of our natural quartz experts in Rochester.

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North House: What trends are you seeing in the countertop industry right now? Styles or colors that are coming back or going away? 

Lindsey Sowers: Natural colors and surfaces with bold movements (meaning the veins or patterns are less subtle) is definitely the direction our consumers are going. Elegance is trending and you’ll see that in Cambria’s newest designs. People will always love marble, but you can now achieve that look with quartz and that seems to be a trend that is here to stay.

NH: What are your best selling designs right now? 

LS: Brittanicca, Torquay, Berwyn, Windermere, Ella, Ironsbridge, Swanbridge, Skara Brae, Summerhill, Portrush, Colton

Cambria slabs from left to right: Brittanicca, Ironsbridge, and Summerhill.

NH: What makes Cambria special or stand out amongst other competitors? 

LS: Cambria is a family-owned company based in the United States. We happen to be the only quartz surface business that is American made. Our design options are vast and reflect an in-depth understanding of the market – meaning we pay attention to what you want, not what we want!

Our products deliver hundreds of designs, superior strength, and zero maintenance. Our surfaces are completely food safe and stain resistant with a lifetime warranty.

NH: One of Cambria’s recent magazines highlighted mid-century modern design, is that a style you’re seeing many clients being inspired by? 

LS: We are seeing a little bit of everything. That’s the beauty of this business, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone has their own style and function needs and we’re able to not only meet your vision, but bring a fresh approach to timeless design.

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NH: Are you seeing a lot of experimentation with clients or businesses? Wanting to mix different stones or materials together? Trying different cuts of curves or layouts? If so, what are you seeing?

LS: We are seeing bold backsplashes, uniform backsplashes and countertops (meaning they are the same material), waterfall counters (the surface “spills” down the side of the cabinets), daring dark bathrooms, and darker color palettes in general. There are some natural edge surfaces popping up occasionally as well – meaning there isn’t a smooth cut, rather it’s a more natural stone appearance. There are so many cool design elements incorporated all the time!

You can learn more about Cambria by visiting their website.