Q+A with Local Tile & Flooring Expert

Rochester Minnesota Tile & Flooring Experts

Q+A with Local Tile & Flooring Expert

Teamwork makes your dream work. We’ve learned that getting the best players on your team is what contributes to the greatest success – not just for us, but for you.

So, we’re taking some time to sit down with some of our most trusted partners to learn more about them. Previously, we chatted with Jason Griggs and Heather Fuelberth from Bell Bank Mortgage. Today, meet Todd Ward of Tile Superstore, one of our go-to tile and flooring experts in Rochester. 

Rochester Minnesota Tile & Flooring Experts

North House: How many years have you been working for Tile Superstore and what is your role? 

Todd Ward: I’ve been with the Superstore for 22 years, and am in sales.

NH: What services and products do you offer? 

TW: We do all kinds of installations and design for new and existing homes. Specifically tile, flooring, cabinetry and countertops. We have several options for anything you could be looking for including, porcelain tiles, hardwood, luxury vinyl planks, carpet, granite countertops, and several options for cabinets.

Rochester Minnesota Tile & Flooring Experts

NH: What is your most popular product? 

TW: Tile is still number one, but the luxury vinyl planks have really been popular the last several years.

NH: Are there any big flooring trends you’re seeing right now? Anything that’s surprised you?

TW: We’ve seen a lot less carpet going into homes. Many people opt for luxury vinyl throughout their home, mainly for its durability and ease. I’ve seen many people even put luxury vinyl on their stairs and rather than carpet.

Rochester Minnesota Tile & Flooring Experts

NH: What should a homeowner have prepared before coming to Tile Superstore & More? What is important to consider when choosing flooring?

TW: Mainly an idea of what products they want in each area and maybe some colors they like. But it’s also important to consider what type of family style they have, if you have a lot of active kids or large pets you may not want a high gloss hardwood in the main living areas. Also how long will you be living at the house, so how much will you want to spend for an upgrade.

NH: What are the benefits of choosing tile as opposed to other materials such as vinyl, laminate, or hardwood?

TW: Tile will take a lot more abuse, it is easy to maintain, can look as good after 15 years as after it was installed.

Rochester Minnesota Tile & Flooring Experts

NH: What are some of the biggest misconceptions you hear about using tile in general? 

TW: That it takes a lot of maintenance to keep looking good; the opposite is true.

NH: Where do most of the tiles you order come from? Different countries? Locally in Rochester? Do you make your own? 

TW: We have several suppliers all over the world. Many are made in China, but we also carry products made in the United States, Mexico, and Italy.

NH: Can Tile Superstore help with installation? 

TW: Absolutely. We have our own staff of installers and they can help with any product we sell. We also sell products for the do-it-yourself person.

NH: What makes Tile Superstore & More different from other flooring places around Rochester

TW: Unlike big box stores, we have personalized service. We take time to get to know what you need and want to make sure you get the product that fits your lifestyle best. You don’t have to worry about poor workmanship or low quality products because we stand behind our products and installation. We offer a wide selection of products as well. There’s no need to shop around!

You can learn more about Tile Superstore & More by visiting their website.